Nansen Sleds

The wooden Nansen sled is of traditional design and well proven during decades of polar travel. It is an outstanding, cost-effective load transporter for towing behind vehicles in both Antarctica and the high Arctic. The design payload for the longest, 4 m, (13 ft) size is around 1100 lbs (500 Kgs).


  • Strong ash and beech wood construction.
  • Components are lashed together, allowing real flexibility.
  • Runner soles are 6 mm ultra high molecular weight polyethylene.
  • All wood parts are liberally treated with linseed oil.
  • Component replacement is simple, low cost and field maintainable.
  • The strong, flexible, lashed wood construction produces a sled which cushions the shocks and flows smoothly over uneven surfaces.
  • Keel plates, lashline (to retain load) and a short towing loop are all supplied as standard.

Extras and spares

  • Handlebars
  • Foot brake
  • A-frame for towing (when rope is not being used)
  • Tow rope (to customer requirements)


Number of bridges NT3 NT4 NT5
Overall length 9 ft 5 ins (2.86 m) 11 ft 2 ins (3.41 m) 13 ft (3.96 m)
Overall width all 2 ft (60 cms)
Maximum height all 1 ft 2 ins. (35 cms)
Average unladen weight 70 lbs (32 Kgs) 84 lbs (38 Kgs) 100 lbs (45 Kgs)
Max. design loading 880 lbs (400 Kgs) 990 lbs (450 Kgs) 1100 lbs (500 Kgs)
Construction Ash with beech laminated bridges, and polyester cord and hide lashings