Our Products

Nansen Sleds

The wooden Nansen sled is of traditional design and well proven during decades of polar travel. It is an outstanding, cost-effective load transporter for towing behind vehicles in both Antarctica and the high Arctic.

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Komatik Sleds

These have been used as stable platforms for scientific field equipment and hauling heavy loads of stores during long traverses far from base. They have been manufactured in various sizes and designs to suit customers requirements.

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Scott Pyramid Tents

The Snowsled Scott Polar Pyramid is an extremely stable tent. It is a highly specified double skin tent of traditional design, renowned for its outstanding ability to withstand the worst of polar weather. It is easy to pitch, even in high winds

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Polar Equipment Manufacturer

Ratcliffe Ellis is a specialist manufacturer of Polar Equipment. We’re based on the Glanusk Estate near Crickhowell in South Wales.