Komatik Trailer Sleds

Please note – these sleds are made to order. Enquire about lead times, prices and for shipping details early.

These have been used as stable platforms for scientific field equipment and hauling heavy loads of stores during long traverses far from base.

They have been manufactured in various sizes and designs to suit customers requirements, from 2.0 m X 60 cms (6 ft 6 ins X 2 ft), to the largest yet 4.5 m X 2.2 m (14 ft 9 ins X 7 ft 3 ins), depending on weight and type of load.

Construction varies depending on size, but the larger sleds may be a ply box section with the sides, glued and screwed. Alternatively they may be solid softwood or, for the smaller komatiks, birch plywood sides.The runners are shod with UHMW polyethylene, the standard material used for all our trailer sleds.

Lateral ash wood or birch ply slats are lashed with polyester cord, with all wood parts liberally treated with linseed oil.

They have also been made as a ‘flatpack’ – the one shown  takes around an hour to bolt together, and which may lead to significant savings on shipping costs.

Towing A-frames are available, and are detachable, or can be stored up when parked. Alternatively, towing with ropes may be appropriate.