Scott Pyramid Tents

Please note – these tents are made to order. Enquire about lead times, prices and for shipping details early.


The Snowsled Scott Polar Pyramid is an extremely stable tent. It is a highly specified double skin tent of traditional design, renowned for its outstanding ability to withstand the worst of polar weather. It is easy to pitch, even in high winds, and comfortable for extended living when travel is not possible. These tents are usually transported in the field situation on a Nansen sled and can be freighted in small aircraft such as the Twin Otter.

We have been making these Scott pyramid tents for over 15 years.

Ventilation system. This consists of two lightweight ventilation cowls (more if requested), each connected through to the inner tent with strong, yet flexible, low temperature helical wound tubing. In total, this tubing gives a ventilation area of over 75 sq. cms.

NB. The maintenance of adequate ventilation is of major importance, both to minimise CO levels when cooking inside the tent, and at all times to reduce condensation. The use of ‘breathable’ fabrics is no guarantee of this, particularly in a polar situation where frost buildup inside a tent is often a fact of life. The two breather tubes, together with the loose groundsheet, help to provide continuous change of air. In addition, the pyramid shape, leading to large temperature gradient from floor to ceiling, particularly when cooking, encourages rapid air renewal. An added help  to air circulation, when the sleeve entrance has to be tied shut, is to enclose a loosely rolled up foam mat in the sleeve when it is secured.

All tents are manufactured in-house, where quality control and efficiency can be monitored.


Internal floor size 2.3 m sq.
(7 ft 7 ins)
2.8 m sq.
(9 ft 2 ins)
External overall valance 3.4 m sq.
(11 ft 2 ins sq.)
3.9 m sq.
(12 ft 10 ins sq.)
Internal height (apex) both 2.2 m (7 ft 2 ins)
Weight complete in bag 30 Kgs (66 lbs) 33.5 Kgs (73.7 lbs)
Standard packed length 3.0 m
(9 ft 10 ins)
3.4 m
(11 ft 2 ins)


  • Outer tent – tough, proofed, fire resistant polyester fabric.
  • Inner (frost lining), gives wide separation and insulation between the outer tent.
  • Inner and outer sleeve entrance.
  • Two ventilation cowls (more if requested).
  • Double sewn reinforced lap seams.
  • Snow valance and lower wall protection in heavy proofed Nylon.
  • Separate heavy duty Nylon fabric/butyl rubber sandwich groundsheet.
  • Storage pockets along three walls.
  • Hanging lines under apex, hanging loop at apex.
  • 8 guys (2 each side) + 8 guy loops around outer edge of the snow valance.
  • Supplied in heavy duty compression bag with 16 tubular snow stakes in their own bag.
  • The 4 poles are each in a single length, and normally supplied 30 cms (12”) overlength for burying in the snow (unless otherwise requested).
  • All components available as spares.